[NEW] The Adventurer Magazine by Protein Puck

The Adventurer Magazine is your source for hot, new ideas related to culture, health, athletics, and the great outdoors. The ultimate purpose of The Adventurer by Protein Puck is to promote a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle by giving readers insight into how leaders across the USA are paving the way for a fun, wholesome and joy-filled life.


What's inside:

  • Gain insight into the latest vegan trends, recipes and fitness tips in an exclusive interview with Jenn Williams, founder of This Is How You Vegan, a leading vegan coaching/consulting company.

  • Discover why River Paddleboarding is the next big thing with an interview with Jason Zadwadzki, the founder of Hydrus Paddleboards of Boise, Idaho.

  • See the 2019 North Fork Kayaking Championship up-close and personal in an article covering the event loaded with action photos and kayaking tips from the pros. 

  • Learn about the most beautiful and inspiring locations in the Yosemite National Park 

About Protein Puck:

Protein Puck is a leading nutritional protein bar brand. All Protein Pucks are made with real, whole food ingredients and are vegan, certified gluten-free, non-gmo and contain plant-based protein. Founded in Spokane, Washington, Protein Puck has a natural tie to the outdoors and active culture. Many outdoor enthusiasts are referring to Pucks as "The Ultimate Adventure Bar". Pucks are available in 2 unique sizes (Full-size and Mini), and come in 4 unique flavors that each have their own spirit and personality. To learn more about Protein Puck, visit www.proteinpuck.com.